Poudre Canyon Day Ride

Approximate track for the day.

Just a quick day ride around Poudre Canyon. Buckhorn road (to Stove Prarie) is an excellent section of twisty pavement. I continued West on Buckhorn road a few miles after Masonville, where the road turns to dirt.

The plan was to take FS 135 to cut across from Buckhorn Road to Pingree Park Road, but FS 135 had a couple closed gates. I backtracked to Buckhorn Road, check my GPS, and learned that Buckorn does, in fact, connect to Pingree Park. So, I took Pingree to CO 14, slabbed it to 103, heading up the Laramie River valley.

I turned East on 80C, which connects up with US 287 after a few tens of miles of great dirt road. There are a number of campsites on the Western portion of 80C, before it cuts through private property.

Somewhere on Buckhorn Road. Lakey Canyon, maybe?
On Buckhorn Road. Trees are starting to change colors.
On FS 135/Monument Gulch Road. It didn’t end up going through (gates closed at private property) to Pingree Park Road. There are loads of quite roughly cut water bars on this road. Glad I upgraded the suspension over the Summer.
On Buckhorn. The high country has started to see some snow.
Burned area from the High Park Fire.
On 103/Laramie River Road.
On 103/Laramie River Road. It’s all ranches up here.
On 103/Laramie River Road.
On 80C, North of Red Feather Lakes. The road had a few miles of somewhat loose gravel. Fun stuff!
On 80C, almost to 287.