That one time I lost my license plate

Soon after I got the KLR (still on temp tags!), I decided to take a trip up to the Pawnee National Grasslands. There are lots of dirt roads, and it’s neat being surrounded by the huge open space.

The KLR, being a thumper, is known for its vibrations. There are many tales online of folks having nuts and bolts rattle loose/off of their bikes mid-trip. Well, since we’re breaking in the KLR, might as well lose some parts!

Hmm… something seems to be missing here.

A common piece of advice on the forums is to use threadlocker liberally and carry a tube in your tool kit. Yeah, I know what I’m doing when I get home. Anyway, I just had the paper temp tag, so no big deal.

Pawnee Buttes
Just for fun, I backtracked and tried to find it. Surprisingly, I actually found it!