Dino Ride 2017

I participated in the 2017 running of the Dino Ride, a three day dual-sport motorcycle ride in Colorado, Utah, and a small bit of Wyoming

Approximate track we took during the ride. Instead of heading back towards Craig, I went up to Baggs, WY and over Battle Pass.
Appropriate apparel for the dino ride.
Rider in the #2 position in this picture broke his fibula 15 miles of BLM two-track before this picture was taken. He slabbed it back to Craig and went to an urgent care.
On the Yampa bench road, county road 14/14N. Definitely one of my favorite rides. This year the road was freshly grated, so there were lots of loose rocks to keep you focused.
On the last section of the bench road, almost to Echo Park.
Lined up to start the “Noob Killer” outside Jensen. The “Noob Killer” is sandy, rocky, and has a couple small ledges. It’s a bit technical on a big bike, but overall it’s not so bad if you kinda know what you’re doing. Legend has it some guy took his new F800 GS on the “Noob Killer”, but didn’t know how to ride in sand. He smoked his clutch in short order.
Making that 1290 rip near the three “corners” of CO, UT, and WY.