Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route - Day 4

13 August - Lake City to Buena Vista

This day was pretty mellow. We started off on a short section of twisty road going up Slumgullion pass.

Los Pinos pass is a very long, relaxing road. We ran in to a guy from Belgium on an RTW trip and chatted for probably half an hour. Very cool to hear about his experiences, his thoughts on the 790, and how he’s planned his trip.

Crappy wheelies are kinda my thing.

Top of Cumberland pass.

Rolling in to Tincup.

We knew that Cottonwood pass was supposed to open the day before, but these road closed signs at the end of 15 miles of trail suggested otherwise. Luckily had to wait just a few minutes for a few passenger cars to drive by, indicating that the road was indeed open.

While we waited in construction traffic, we chatted with some motorcyclists.

Uhh… Corinne?

We slabbed it the rest of the way down Cottonwood and got some pizza in Beuna Vista. I must have been hungry because I absolutely annihilated the roof of my mouth with the pizza. Paid for that for a couple weeks.

We stayed at the KOA outside of Buena Vista, mainly because they have showers.

We worked on Corinne’s kickstand, which ended up getting bent in a couple inches when her bike tipped over while parked on some soft soil. She was having all sorts of issues parking her bike, but we didn’t make the connection until we took a look at it at camp. It ended up bending the kickstand bracket, not the kickstand tube itself. The fix was to lay the bike on its side and deadlift the kickstand back in to position.