Crashing around Switzerland Trail

I recently picked up a GoPro. What better way to start figuring out settings, editing, etc., than to make a short edit of my generally shoddy riding?

I rode around the North side of Switzerland trail for a bit to get warmed up. I also practiced slow wheelies, which I’ll hopefully turn into pivot turns at some point.

I then headed to Knob Road (458.1), a trail I’ve attempted a couple times on my DRZ, but it got too chunky for me and I turned around. Since I was on the 300 this time, I had no excuse. The trail is fairly steep, but it was the loose terrain that made it so tough. I lost momentum early on, and ended up paddling most of the way up since I couldn’t get back up on the pegs. Oh well, made it to the top and it was a good exercise in finding traction.

Here’s a 480 version to try if the 720 (VP9) version above is causing trouble.