San Juans Ride - Day 3

Day 3 - Ouray to Lake City and back


  • 0:00 Engineer Pass #878 coming out of Ouray, then CR20 into Lake City
  • 3:43 Cinnamon Pass CR30 out of Lake City
  • 5:16 Animas Forks
  • 5:45 California Pass CR19
  • 8:24 Poughkeepsie Gulch #876
  • 13:07 Corkscrew Pass #866
  • 16:16 Million Dollar Highway US550

Corinne’s crash coming down Engineer the day before had one hidden casualty: the 12mm nut holding on her muffler. No worries though. I carry a small collection of spare nuts and bolts, as well as some medium strength threadlocker. Took just a few minutes to get her bike patched up and ready for the day’s carnage.

Last part of the climb up the west side of Engineer.

We ate lunch in Lake City at a place called Southern Vittles, which I believe was recommended by the Red Rocks to Mountain Tops crew. I had a sandwich called “Hog Heaven”, which was 1/2 pulled pork and 1/2 kielbasa. It was amazing and did truly put me in a hog heaven food coma for a few hours. It took riding down Poughkeepsie (from California) to the scree section and back up the “wall” to wake me up. 10/10 would do again.

At the top of Cinnamon Pass.

We got California Pass to ourselves for a few moments. At the pass, you can walk along the ridge and see far into the valleys on either side. Naturally, I didn’t take a picture of that. Neat place though, I promise!