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Dino Ride 2015

2015 05 31

The Dino Ride is three day ride through Northwest Colorado. It’s organized on this advrider thread by a very generous forum member, Norm. This was the first ...

A Couple Pre-Dino Shakedown Rides

2015 05 23

As a prep for the 2015 Dino ride, I put on an MT-21 in the front and D606 in the rear. This will be the first time I carry all my camping gear and tools on t...

That one time I lost my license plate

2013 08 25

Soon after I got the KLR (still on temp tags!), I decided to take a trip up to the Pawnee National Grasslands. There are lots of dirt roads, and it’s neat be...

Senior Thesis

2013 05 13

Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics with Applications to Symplectic Integration